Happy Tails

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April 06, 2017

We adopted a wonderful kitty from you four years ago and I just wanted to let you know that he much loved and doing well. Unfortunately he still doesn’t get along with our other cat who tries to avoid him as much as possible. Ginger is a very active kitty and she doesn’t appreciate it when he goes after her.

Both our cats are in door cats, despite Ginger constantly trying to get out the door. He does succeed sometimes but doesn’t stay out long because after all this time in doors he is quite nervous out there. So it is a constant battle trying to keep him from scooting out the door whenever we come and go.

He is a very affectionate cat and also very smart. He comes when he is called and loves to play with all his toys. When we first got him he even retrieved rubber balls but he won’t do that any more. He prefers that we retrieve them and throw them for him.

Attached are some pictures, including one of him drinking out of the bathtub tap, a daily habit of his.

Thanks again for helping us to acquire such a loving kitty for our family.