Happy Tails

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May 10, 2017

Today we said goodbye to Goofy. We’d adopted him from THS some ten years ago….

I’d initially brought my husband in to see Molly, a yellow lab, who wasn’t there anymore. But Goofy was, and remembered me. The con artist. He looked me straight in the eye and made me think he was the perfect fit. Nevermind i wasn’t looking for a male dog, least of all a German shepherd (my last shepherd mix died at only seven years….)

We visited once a day for a week to play with him, and that Friday, took him home. He shook for the entire car ride and sitting on our couch the following night. The next day, he bit a neighbour. I’d never heard of a dog not being friendly, so this was a bit of a learning curve. It turned out most of his aggression was fear, and with reassurance, he managed to get a grip on it…

The following ten years were an adventure. He kept proving he was smarter than us, but also how much he loved us. In his final days, he hung on for us. I carried him where he needed to go. Cleaned him. Fed him. Until he let me know it was his time. I never knew a braver soul….

There are some big paw prints to fill in. I expect he arranged for a coyote or wolf puppy to tumble into our lives soon… heck, with his sense of humour, maybe even a cat