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Gouda and Feta

Gouda and Feta

May 31, 2019

Gouda is a timid boy who prefers to hang out, where Feta is just a bundle of adventure. The second I walk in the room in the morning they’re both on their hind feet for morning loves. Feta is immediately at the door begging to be let out and when shes out, shes off!! Her first place is always straight for the dogs food, which funny enough, is on the opposite side of the apartment. Then she hopes all the way back to the living room, then back to the kitchen. We refer to it as “doing her laps” Usually the kitten joins her and they just chase each other back and forth.

Gouda, as I mentioned, is a timid boy. He is definitely becoming a mamas boy. If hes hiding I just need to shake the cheerios and hes right at my feet. He was very eager to be reunited with his sister when she came home. He chewed the separating barrier open so he could get to her. He was a little too excited so I had to play it slow for her, but now, they love each other so much, they are often found snuggling and grooming. He is quickly following the habits of the dog here as well. Both boys love to sleep on my fleece blanket on the bed.

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