Happy Tails

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November 10, 2016

Chardonnay has been renamed to Gracie. She has settled into her new home fairly quickly. She hid for 2 days. The only evidence that she was in the home was an empty food dish and her litter box had been used.

She didn’t like the sanctuary I had picked for her and relocated to a spot of her choosing.

Monday night she decided or worked up the courage to make an appearance. She played for a couple of hours but anytime I made a slight movement she would dart under a piece of furniture.

She repeated this pattern Tuesday night.

Wednesday evening she came out for her playtime. An hour into it I guess her curiosity got the best of her and she jump up on the couch next to me, within a few minutes she was walking on me, accepting rubs from me and her little motor purred away.

She still doesn’t like me approaching her but once I’m settled into my spot of the couch she quickly comes over for a visit and lots of affection.

She seems to be enjoying exploring her new home. She had figured out that the furniture is multifunctional, to hide under but it is also fun to climb on.

Here is a picture of her last night relaxing on the arm of the couch. She has made herself right at home.