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Grisou and Chispa

Grisou and Chispa

June 25, 2020

It’s been a while now since we moved from fostering Grisou and Regina (now renamed Chispa) to adopting them, and I am happy to report they are both doing great. It’s definitely a joy to be around them and watch them learn and grow in a happy and healthy environment. They are both now fixed and vaccinated and they’re slowly exploring the ever-exciting world of the backyard, on a leash. The smells, the breeze, the insects, the birds, the flowers, their own shadow on the grass… oh my! Who could see the world with their new and curious eyes!

All this was possible thanks to the amazing job that every single person at Toronto Humane Society provided for us. From the moment we said “yes” to fostering them and their ringworm infection to today, we feel fully supported by all of you and we cannot say THANK YOU loud enough, on behalf of these two cute beings and on our own behalf. We may have “failed” our fostering, but we sure succeeded in providing a safe and healthy home for them. And they sure pay us back with their affection! We’re slowly introducing them to new people (COVID-19 conditions in place) and they are as personable, curious and loving as ever. Definitely the kind of kittens everybody loves.

Thank you so much to all and every one of you. You helped us make this possible and we cannot thank you enough for all the help you provided for Grisou, Chispa and us! You guys at THS rock!