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Han Solo

Han Solo

March 10, 2021

We have had such a wonderful time getting our new addition “Han Solo” acclimatized to his new home, it’s no Millennium Falcon, but he seems to dig it!

Han (formerly Julius) has been doing well, he loves his pack sister, Chewy (aka Chewbacca), and is still somewhat mystified by the feline member of his pack, Frodo Baggins.

He is an energetic and inquisitive fluffball who loves to cuddle everyone. He enjoys romping around the property in the snow (or as he likes to call it, the never ending water bowl), chasing Chewy around the yard, and going for walks. He doesn’t like the wind, however, and would much rather spend windy days curled up on the puppy bed, couch or with his people.

One of his favourite things (other than treats and “Happy Dog Time”) is to run after the smaller humans and give them kisses until they agree to rub his tummy. He is a character, with a wonderful puppy smile, and expressive features!

Thank you so much for helping match us with our special boy, the Han to our Chewy! You made this process so wonderful, were very caring, and answered all our questions! Your team went above and beyond to make this a smooth transition and help us bring our boy home quickly.