Happy Tails

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July 07, 2016

I took Ice home at the end of January, 2016 and he has since been the perfect addition to my home. Although very timid at first, I could tell that he had a lot of love to give and just needed some time to feel safe and settled. He had been through so much in the previous month; surrendered at 9.5 years old, fixed, eye surgery, teeth pulled and fur buzzed because of mats. Despite all of this trauma, he was exploring the apartment and interacting with visitors in almost no time.

When people meet him they can’t believe that he was a shelter cat because he is so friendly and rambunctious. Despite being a senior, he enthusiastically plays with his toys and wins the hearts of most everyone he meets. A true companion, I am so thankful to The Humane Society for all of their hard work in ensuring he was healthy enough for adoption; I feel so lucky to get to hang out with him everyday. He is always waiting by the door when I get home to greet me, often with his favourite toy in his mouth.

He has been described as a dog-cat by friends because he loves to play catch and head-butt, and also comes running at the sound of his name. I couldn’t be more grateful to the Humane Society for all the the support they have provided me since adoption, including following up on several health concerns and on his recovery. I hope to share many more happy and healthy years with Ice!