Happy Tails

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June 20, 2016

We found Indie—formerly named Norma—this past January after relentlessly searching. Every time we went to find a new family member, we seemed to be too late.

My wife and I, disheartened by our many visits leaving without a cat, decided to give THS one last visit, only to gaze into the wide eyes of the most adorable tuxedo cat. A transfer from the Quintey Humane Society, we couldn’t believe that Indie had gone three months there without being adopted.

Indie made herself at home as soon as she was out of her carrier. She was fearless and adventurous, so we decided to name her after a favorite childhood hero with the same qualities: Dr. Indiana Jones.

Indie sits with us on the couch, and snuggles up with us in bed at night. She stands guard outside the shower, tries to help us make dinner, and greets us every time we come home. We’ve zero need for an alarm clock, as she will remind us every morning with taps or licks that it’s time for her breakfast. When Indie is ready for bed, she stands by the bedroom door, and gives us a sleepy, serious stare. We’re helpless to oblige.

Indie loves to play, including her favorite game of hide and seek. We often play until we both fall to the ground, exhausted from running around. We usually get several slow blinks from her after, to which we always slow blink back. When she’s not playing, she’s attentively watching the birds enjoy their feed on the balcony.

While Indiana isn’t the greatest jumper, she’s quite good at learning new tricks thanks to clicker training. She can come, sit, stay, touch, high five, and jump on command. She loves every human that’s entered through the door, and everyone who’s met her feels the same. If her yellow and green, dichroic eyes don’t make you fall in love, her pink nose surely will.

We couldn’t be more in love with our Dr. Jones and her perfect tuxedo coat. Thank you, THS, for helping us find the perfect family member. We’ll continue to cherish and love her.


Leslie, Kathleen, and Indie