Happy Tails

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March 14, 2016

My boyfriend and I adopted Indy (formerly Snoopy) almost a month ago and we have been enjoying our time with him immensely. He loves to snuggle with us at night and keeps our feet nice and warm when he hides under the blankets. He loves to chase tennis balls, even if that means we have to grab it for him every time it goes under the couch.

His cat sisters were very unsure of him at first, but they’re now coming around to this new creature. As Indy is 6 years old, he came pretty well-trained. He sits, stays, and gives a paw any time he wants a bacon treat. He loves to go for walks and we’re hoping to better socialize with dogs so he can be a bit friendlier with them. We came into this experience knowing that we wanted to get an older rescue dog and we recommend it to everyone. Indy has so much life and energy in him. It’s a real shame he ended up at the Toronto Humane Society in the first place, but now our lives are so much better for it.