Happy Tails

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June 25, 2018

Eleven years ago, I went to “just visit” the cats at THS. A big ginger meowed loudly as I passed by.

His call stuck with me I walked from room to room.

Two hours later, I was back at the house, lifting “Blue” out of the cardboard carrier supplied by THS. After taking a moment to orient himself, he walked over to the sofa, jumped up, and settled in.

He was home.

Over the next decade, Isaac aka Blue ruled the roost, and showed me nothing but unconditional love. Sweet, gentle, and loyal, he enjoyed hanging out with my friends and family, and his scrappy yet musical meows — especially when wanting food (note that I didn’t say “when he was hungry”!) — always kept the house from feeling empty.

Isaac, thank you for choosing me and for the joy you brought to our home. You and your little nose bites are deeply missed. You were a one-of-a kind cat, my boy.