Happy Tails

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February 28, 2019

I took home Ursala, renamed “Ivy,” from the cat shelter on February 16 and she could not be happier! Right when we opened the box she poked her head out, jumped out of the box and started curiosly circling her new home. We tried to keep her in a sanctuary room but she was just too friendly and curious what was on the outside. She never hid, got scared or even questioned what was going on. It’s safe to say she was right at home.

She was a little cautious with being pet the first day and would only let you sneak in a few pets when you played with her. Now, she is fully adapted and is running around the house chasing her ball, playing with her favourite wand, sitting on the window ledge, looking out the window, sleeping in her bed and cuddling. She’s so well behaved and doesn’t get in trouble and when she does do something like try to eat human food, a firm no and she will stop. She is very sweet and relaxed. She is also fully comfortable with anyone in the apartment right away with no buffer time, including a 3 year old we had over that was playing with her.

She loves to be pet and will lick you to let you know. She’s a total suck and follows us around the house everywhere we go and when we go out and come back she’s always waiting for us and meows to ask where we were.

She’s so precious and seems so happy and we love her! ‚Äč