Happy Tails

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January 10, 2017

In July 2016, we had gone to the THS in hopes of finding a suitable playmate and companion for our resident rescue kitten, Solo, who had gotten to be quite the aggressive little handful. We noticed three-month old Juliet (formerly Azrail) and her brother, Rondel, right away because they were the rowdiest kittens in the whole building. Admittedly, we had been hoping to adopt Rondel who was very handsome, curious and talkative in their kennel, but he was on hold for someone else. We noticed, however, despite being remarkably small and bow-legged, Juliet was feisty and fast. She fought her brother back and would playfully pounce on him from her hiding spot in the corner. She seemed like a good fit for our wild little rescue at home and we are ridiculously happy to have her as a part of our family today.

Despite our efforts to contain Juliet in the room we had set up so that she could be slowly integrated into our household, Juliet had managed to escape (she was so small, she would just slip around everything) and introduced herself to Solo the night of her arrival. To our surprise, the two kittens got along right away. By Juliet’s third day home, she was snuggling with her new older brother on the bed. Now, the two are completely bonded. Juliet follows Solo wherever he goes, and wants whatever he has. Solo frets when he can’t find her, and meows until she comes out. They play together all the time, and prefer to nap cramped together on Solo’s old cat-bed even though there are lots of bigger, plushier places to sleep all over the apartment.

Juliet is such a cute, friendly and happy little joy. We are grateful to have found such a perfect addition at the THS - thank you, thank you!