Happy Tails

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June 13, 2016

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick day 2 update of how the first day went with Kevin.

He has already starting settling into his new role here in our pack. He is confident and super affectionate with us, and has already attached himself to me personally.

On leash he walks extremely well, he is confident and calm, and is always looking up to myself or Paul for direction and reassurance. In the house he is calm and relaxed, often laying down near Frankie and quietly observing what is going on.

We had one incident where he jumped at the cat as he was jumping onto my lap. I reacted quickly by redirecting him to another spot in the room and he seems to have learned already that it was not acceptable behavior. Since that he has been more respectful of their space and it is something we will continue to monitor closely.

He barked at the sound of people in the hall twice, and each time we called him over to his bed beside the couch and praised his calm behavior. He has already stopped reacting to outside noise, I can tell he is a smart little man.

The first night in the crate was absolutely perfect. He already knows it to be his safe place, and slept calmly and quietly the entire night. There was some excitement this morning when he knew he was coming out, but after about 20 mins of crying he settled himself and we went on with our day.

Feeding has been very successful too, he has found his secret eating spot and is already becoming more confident in eating his food with others around. We haven’t introduced dental chews or toys yet but will slowly reintegrate them into our lives.

Also he is totally house trained as it stands right now, waiting patiently until he is out on his walk to void. Fingers crossed it remains this way!

I know we are still in the honeymoon phase but I already have a strong feeling that he is a perfect match for our little family. With calmness and patience I think he is going to settle in very well, and soon thrive as the bubbly and sweet little dog he wants to be.

I’ll send you guys another update further down the road, but I want to say thank you for your faith in us and for allowing this lovely little man into our lives. We’re both very excited !


Yvonne and Paul.