Happy Tails

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Kiedis & Flea

Kiedis & Flea

March 05, 2015

Dear THS,

About a month ago I adopted Bumblebee & Grasshopper from you and renamed them after Red Hot Chili Peppers’ band members Kiedis & Flea. This was the first time I had adopted an animal and it was a great experience. Both employees in the small animals department were very helpful and informative.

When I first took Kiedis & Flea home they were quite timid and hid in their box quite a bit. By the end of the first week they were exploring a lot more and they were starting to accept being pet. They also started to binky and flop as well as do some bunny 500s.

Flea is still a little timid (which I was told to expect since he had a toe amputated at a young age) but he is getting less timid every day. Kiedis on the other hand is very comfortable and has even started to climb up onto my lap to get some pets and he explores our whole living room without fear.

My favourite parts of having bunnies are watching them play, groom and snuggle with eachother and watching them express their happiness through binkies, flops and bunny 500s.
I am very glad that I decided to adopt from THS and I appreciate all of the help that I was given and continue to receive.

Katie Wainio