Happy Tails

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January 31, 2019

​A year ago, Kissy came up to us for chin scratches and it was love at first sight. When we took her on as a foster cat, she was too big to clean herself, and too clumsy to do every-day cat adventures. But we were determined! With the help of the humane society, we helped keep her clean, cleared up her ailments, and put her on a lean diet. Over a year later, we are happy to report that she is healthy, energetic, and jumping to new heights every day. Kissy is always the life of the party, and is never too far away if you have a piece of chicken you’d like her to taste-test.

We considered changing her name when we got her, but realized quickly how she got her name. She’s always ready with more kisses!

Thank you THS for bringing us our little furbaby, and for all the support in getting her to good health!