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September 16, 2020

We adopted Lady (formerly know as Ledina) in January 2014 and this has been one of the best decisions of our lives! She was rescued from a house with over 30 other cats and kept her distance for the first month of her adjusting to her forever home. Lady was hiding and would only come out when no one was around. As time passed by, she was feeling more comfortable being around us and eventually became the queen of this household! ​

Lady lives up to her name. She knows manners- never bites and never scratches. She loves to chat, play hide-and-seek and snuggle in bed. Lady loves drinking tap water and recently she figured out how to open a faucet by herself! (Now we just have to teach her how to close it too…) ​

Lady is a gorgeous cat with a beautiful and gentle soul. We learn something new about her every single day. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for giving us an opportunity to be a part of Lady’s life! We could not be happier!​