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Lalo and Yumemi

Lalo and Yumemi

January 21, 2021

Late 2020 we began the virtual process to adopt kittens Lalo and Yumemi (formally Russet and Auburn). Toronto Humane Society staff were amazing through the whole process. We could not be happier with the communication and service.

Both Lalo and Yumemi love to play individually and wrestle together. Lalo, the male sibling, loves to swat and carry his favourite toy (springs), while his sister, Yumemi, chases around the red beam from a laser pointer.

We know when it’s feeding time around here - they let us know when they are hungry with a chorus of meows. They love to cuddle with us early in the morning, late at night and follow us everywhere we go.

Being first time cat owners, we were concerned with how they would adjust and our ability to train them. Much to our surprise, and relief, it was them that train us. They are playful, obedient, and well-mannered little kittens. We are glad we received both, together, because they help each other burn off energy and become more confident in their everyday adventures. Thank you so much Toronto Humane Society!