Happy Tails

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October 26, 2018
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for bringing Lincoln to our lives. Since his adoption, he has brought so much joy to our family, and he is simply a wonderful sweet darling.

Despite his almost 11 years old and big size, he is still playful. He enjoy chewing on his favorite toys, though most only last a day or two. He will bring his ball in his mouth and drop it at our feet to invite play. He is absolutely charming and obedient, if he sees a squirrel and try to run to it, just a simple NO will calm him down and bring him back on track. He also enjoy his naps, especially when we snuggle in with him and give him his favorite full body massage.

No many how many days or months or years he will be with us, he is giving us loads of love and blessings everyday.

Thanks again for taking care of all these amazing animals and give them hope for a new life!