Happy Tails

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August 01, 2016

Hey there!

I wanted to send an update about the cat I adopted just over 3 months ago. She was called Corolla but her name is now Luna.

When Luna first came home with me over 3 months ago, she was a very shy girl. I’m not sure if you’ll remember but she mostly just stayed in her box in her kennel at the shelter and didn’t liked to be touched or interacted with much. Since then, she has impressed me every day with how brave she was, because even though she was nervous, she was always eager to explore. She loves her sanctuary room/my bedroom, and still sleeps in there with me every night. She is still cautious of her furry housemates, and she isn’t a big fan of the bunny, but she has become so much more comfortable with me and my roommates. I’ve even caught her cuddling with one of my roommate’s cats a couple of times. This little girl who used to duck away from any physical contact with me now lets me groom her and give her cuddles (when she’s in the right mood of course). She is learning that she is safe here and every day she seems a little less afraid of the world around her. She is still a very independent girl, but if I’ve been at work at day, she will greet me at the door by rubbing on my legs and purring. I love her so much. We are both so grateful that you kept her safe and happy and healthy until I was able to find my way to her. The more she settles in here in her forever home, I get to see new aspects of her personality. She has recently become much more playful, especially in the morning when we first wake up. She loves to chirp at the birds outside my bedroom window. She loves to run around at full speed through the apartment, throwing her toys around, and I’ve even caught her trying to catch her own tail a handful of times.

I’ve included a few pictures of Luna in her room. You’ll see that her new favourite spot is on top of my dresser. The dresser is right next to my desk and Luna seems to prefer to be within arms reach of me at all times. This spot is nice and high so she can keep an eye on her room. She also has a great view of the trees outside my window and all the birds and squirrels in them from her spot.

Thank you once again for everything you did for Luna and for bringing us together. She is happy and healthy and well loved. And she adds so much to my day, everyday.

All the best,