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December 30, 2020

I adopted Malachy (formerly Killian) just over 7 years ago. I had planned to adopt an older cat but came home with a 6-month ball of energy who looked more like a squirrel than a cat with his bushy tail and long nose.

Right from the start, Malachy was an exceptionally affectionate, smart and gentle. He had been surrendered by someone who was unable to keep him due to objections from their landlord. He had clearly been loved in his short life and I thank that person for bringing him to Toronto Humane Society and allowing me to become his “hu-Mum”.

Mal grew into a beautiful, big cat with the most intense eyes and a happy temperament. He wasn’t as much a lap cat as a neck cat - we both were happiest when he was curled up in my arms with his head
nuzzled under my chin.

Sadly, Malachy passed away recently due to stomach cancer. In time, I will return to Toronto Humane Society to adopt a new little friend, but I will never forget this special cat who adopted me and made my life so much better because of it.