Happy Tails

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February 05, 2019

In honour of our one year adoptaversary we thought we’d give an update on Mandu (formerly known as Thomas)! From day one he was an affectionate sweetheart, and he quickly adapted to his new home. He is super mellow, and only his nemesis the vacuum can move him from any of his favourite spots. He loves being brushed and getting belly rubs any time of the day!

Though mellow, he is actually a very talkative kitty! He loves to chat and is certainly vocal about his needs. He loves watching birds, squirrels and people from his window perch. When he’s feeling playful he’ll even play fetch!

Mandu was a bigger guy when we adopted him, but we are happy to report he is no longer overweight and is staying healthy! For anyone curious, Mandu is dumpling in Korean! We thought it fit this sweet, fluffy guy perfectly! ​