Happy Tails

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May 03, 2017

Marshmallow doing great! She is a good girl… She pees and poos in her box… She is eating very well.. She eats a lot of Timothy Hay! She likes to hop around the house.. She hasn’t bite anything yet… I look all the time that She is doing good and not eating anything that is not good for her… We got new toys today.. Lets see how she is doing during the week.

Mario plays every evening… they chase each other! Marshmallow lets Mario to kiss her and touch her all the time… I think that She feels secure here… I haven’t seen her afraid!

I was concerned how she is going to be by herself when Im going to work… She has been amazing! She is calm and very clean…

She eats pellets twice a day… a total or 1/4 cup ish… She has lettuce, parley and cilantro twice a day and a little bit of fruit.. usually Banana… strawberry, apple… She eats a lot of Timothy Hay… I put it at night time because She eats it around 5:30am.

She is keep doing this.. biting the cage and try to move it inside… I bought today a mineral stone or something like that.. I asked at PetSmart… It could help to trim her teeth…

I’m going to add more pictures so you can see her!!! smile

Thank you so much Benani for your help!!!!

We are very happy to have our Rabbit at home…