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Marty Mcfly

Marty Mcfly

August 29, 2016

On May 22nd we adopted a little 4 month old blue budgie named Ginos from you and we thought that we had better get around to e-mailing you with an update.

Ginos (Now named Marty Mcfly) was very skittish of hands and still sometimes, and he had a bit of a wonky wing when we got him which caused him a little trouble when flying (he wasn’t able to steer properly). However, once we had him out of his cage he would sit on us for hours on end unless our hands got close. He is much better with hands now but still prefers to fly in and out of the cage on his own terms during his daily free flight time. Since he was such a young little guy we found ourselves taking in not only him but my mother’s 5 year old green budgie hen Cleo and after 5 weeks of quarantine in different rooms we slowly introduced them and they took to each other right away. They cheered each other up so much and really brought each other out of their shells. They love flying together, feeding each other, preening each other and playing together in and out of the cage and they have the most animated conversations! Marty’s wing is all better now and he’s a beautiful flyer. He can turn on a dime now and excels in doing flybys at peoples heads, all he had to do was go through his first molt. We just want to thank everyone at the humane society for the great work you do. I think more emphasis should be placed on the little more “disposable” pets and am glad that the Toronto Humane Society helps all animals, big and small.

Thank you from,

Kimberly & Darren

Marty McFly and his new lady friend Cleo