Happy Tails

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August 05, 2014

Dear THS,

We adopted our dog Maverick (his original name was Logan) back in March when he was around 10 months old, he is a Border Collie X Blue Heeler. We were told at the time of adoption that he had past aggression and was brought to the humane society because he bit his previous owner. We were also warned that he showed possessiveness over pretty much anything he thought was his.

I am very very pleased to say that with a lot of patience and hard work Maverick is now the dog of our dreams! We personally have never had any aggression issues with him, and as for the possessiveness we learned to curb his bad tendencies into more productive behaviours. That being said - he was an untrained puppy when we got him so a few shoes didn’t make it wink

The information packages and print outs that you gave us were extremely helpful! We have learned how important exercise and mind stimulation is to Mavericks wellbeing. He loves to go for bike rides, to the dog park, swimming, explore the forest, and LOVES to do tricks. I am happy to say that out of all of the dogs I have owned, Maverick is the most obedient and loves to put on a show for our friends and family.

We just wanted to say thank you for everything and for introducing us to our new best friend!

Rebecca & Christian