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January 12, 2021

It has been 5 weeks already since we adopted Max and he has settled right in.

With the coming of the snow, we have seen a side of Max that is new to us. He loves the snow! He will shove his whole face into it and eat as much as he can. He also loves to zoom around the yard in the snow.

He is obsessed with squirrels and can spend hours watching them from a window or chasing them around the yard. He is sweet, smart, curious, and very quiet - but when he does bark, it is a ferocious one. He came to us with a lot of tricks and he’s also learning new ones. He loves his walks and has been
exploring a lot of different places.

We cannot thank Toronto Humane Society enough for letting us adopt him. We consider him to be our best Christmas present ever. The two of us are looking forward to a lot of years of adventures with this this lovebug. 2020 has been hard for a lot of people, we consider Max a ray of sunshine in
our lives.