Happy Tails

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March 19, 2019

Minnie has opened right up just days after settling into her new home. I’ve never encountered such a sweet cat! She sleeps beside me in my bed every night and sits on my lap at the dinner table. She greets me in the morning with forehead bumps and jumps up on the couch when I pat the spot beside me. She’s also so polite and well behaved!! She never makes a mess with her food or litter box and is friendly with guests when they’re over.

She’s found a great spot with her Minnie Mouse towel by the window where she can chill in the warmth, but when she’s restless she can be found walking around the edge of my bed - she has bad balance so sometimes she’ll slip and try to play it off like she meant to do that!

I’ll admit that when I was looking at Minnie, her health requirements and behaviour issues were a concern to me, but she’s been such a cooperative girl about taking her medicine and has never once shown me anything but love.

I really could not be happier, and I’m so grateful to be able to give my love to Minnie. Thank you so much THS for the help in the adoption process! ‚Äč