Happy Tails

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November 08, 2016

Dear THS,

Back in May 2012, my boyfriend (now husband!), and I casually went into the shelter to visit the dogs. We were always interested in adopting a dog, but hadn’t had a serious conversation about it. I wanted to look at every dog in the shelter and see how they would respond to me. We only had one request; no chihuahuas. We made our rounds and greeted every dog, but in the corner of one kennel, was a little, tan dog, laying on a stuffed bear three times the size of him! We called his name, but nothing. He didn’t even look at us! We could both see the sadness in ‘Boo-Boo’s’ eyes, and my husband instantly knew that I had fallen in love. And surprisingly, he was a chihuahua/jack russell cross!

Jenny told us that Boo-Boo is not an easy dog, that he would have behavioural, and aggression issues. The moment that she took him out of the kennel to see us, he was a completely different dog! So full of life and love! We got a million kisses from him!

Today, ‘Boo-boo’ (whose name is now Misiu smile ), is still that loving boy, full of kisses! The amount of love he shows us, is nothing that we’ve ever seen from another dog. We have never had any aggression issues with him, and I can easily say that he is a perfect dog.

Thank you THS, for introducing us to our sweet boy, who we couldn’t live without. He is going on 9 years, but he will always be our little, tan puppy.

Thank you!

Jenny, Greg, Boo-Boo (Misiu)