Happy Tails

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March 03, 2016

Just wanted to give an update on Mocha, formerly known as Monica. It’s been less than a year since we have adopted her, She has grown to be part of our family, joining us in almost everything we do. When we first got her, she was shy, afraid of men and strangers. With time and consistency on basic training she had more confidence, developing her own independence when she wants alone time with her toys and bully sticks. She was also underweight and very picky on her food, through trial and error of finding the right brand and protein, she now is at a healthy weight and has a bigger appetite than before.

She has such a big personality for a tiny k9, she loves going to Pet Smart, every time we go for a groom she always gets complimented on being a well behaved, cuddly and cute. she’s also been to doggy day camp a couple times, nothing but an A+ report on her behaviour, how social she is with other dogs, and her vibrant energy that makes the pet smart staff fall in love with!

Our family would like to thank the THS staff for all their hard work and dedication for rescuing many animals that have been given a second chance for a forever home.