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Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers

August 12, 2016

I have had “Whiskey” for about 2 and a half years and he is the third cat I have given a ‘forever home’ to from THS. I first came to THS in late 1999 in search of my first pet. He was a kitten who had a great life with me as an indoor buddy.

Shortly after bringing my first home, I came back for a feline companion for my “Boo”. That’s when I adopted “Emma”, and all black cat with big yellow eyes. Yes, those two were a big part of my life until their respective times came.Once that “round” of adopted cats was over, I took less than 2 months to decide I was ready for number 3.

And so here we are; Mr. Whiskers is a fabulous friend. He is not only beautiful to look at, but he is a darling boy. He was several weeks old when I brought him home in November of 2013, I believe it was.

We bonded quickly and he soon became the apple of my eye… the pet of all pets.

He is patient with me, he lets me pick him up and play with him… he has a great spirit and temperament. I dote on him every free second I have when I am home. He naps with me when I nap and he sleeps with me during the night. I wake up with Mr. Whiskers each morning. Such a pleasant sight to wake up to. Being a single person, it helps dispel some of the solitude of living alone.

I could not have picked a better cat to own. I just love him to bits. He is well taken care of here, he gets high quality feed, annual vet check ups… and I keep a close eye on him and am ever-mindful of his well-being.

I recently made a donation to THS with a letter enclosed, thanking THS and ALL its staff and volunteers who feel the same way about the -wonders of animal ownership and animal welfare as I do.

I couldn’t imagine not having Whiskey. He is a true JOY!

Keep up the great work that you and your colleagues and volunteers do each day, around the clock. I believe you provide an indispensable service to our community and I will always support your work and organization as best I can.

Thank you for listening to all I have to say about THS and my personal experience with the cats who have enhanced my life from your shelter.

Have a good weekend and feel free to share this letter with anyone at THS you wish.

Most sincerely,

Matt S.