Happy Tails

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June 24, 2016

In early February of 2016, after babysitting my brother’s dog for a month, I decided it was high time to adopt a dog of my own. I enlisted the help of a friend who had recently adopted a cat from THS, and we headed to the shelter. I wasn’t expecting to find a furbaby that day, but when I happened upon Boo’s (now Murphy) cage, and looked into his sad, little, be-coned face, I was an instant goner.

He wasn’t up for adoption because he hadn’t done his behavioural analysis yet but I knew we were meant for each other so I dogged (pun intended!) the wonderful THS staff everyday for an update and when they said he was available 3 days later, I hurried back to the shelter.

When we had our official first meeting, Murph was timid and apprehensive but showed a quirky, spunky spirit and I was sold. I took him home a few days later.

My first day home with Murph was full of snuggles and I’m thrilled to say that the honeymoon still isn’t over. He is above all, a sweetheart, willing to snuggle up to anyone with a lap.

Our first week together was…interesting - my resident cat, Corona, was not thrilled with his new brother, and Murphy was terrified to be encroaching upon his space.

Slowly (very slowly) they began to tolerate each other and I’m happy to report that though not yet best buds, they sleep within a foot of each other and are more than happy to climb all over one another in friendly competition for treats.

Murphy has become curious, playful with other dogs, and an overall lovebug. He’s still a bit shy around new people but is full of kisses if they come down to his level.

Originally hailing from Texas, Murphy’s first snowstorm was an adventure in patience but he is coming around to Canada’s bizarre weather. When people ask what breed he is, I’ve begun to affectionately refer to him as my Teeny Texan Mutt.

The day I adopted Murphy changed my life, and I’m so happy he has found a forever home with Corona and I. I’m also incredibly grateful to everyone at THS, not only for taking a chance on a little scamp from Texas, but for all the work they do with all the animals in their care. They are wonderful people doing an amazing job and Murphy and I can’t say thank you enough.

Keep it up, Toronto Humane Society!

Love from Murphy, Corona, and Madison.