Happy Tails

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September 27, 2019

When I first rescued Naya, she was sick with Giardia, Coccidia, an ear infection and was 15 pounds underweight. She had been brought back to the humane society 3 times before I had found her and brought her home. With medication and lots of TLC over time she bounced right back. Originally from a sled dog company she was slated to be euthanized. 4 years later she’s strong as an ox. She’s so positive and never gives up. I have no regrets adopting her. When I walked into the shelter I knew right away that she was the one.

Naya is originally from Northern Ottawa, Canada where she worked for a sled dog company which was extremely abusive and neglectful of their dogs. She has general anxiety, fear of aggression and separation anxiety. I was told that I would have to crate her for the rest of her dog life, but now I’m able to let her roam the whole house when I’m gone. Naya is 5 years old. A well mannered woman, but likes to play like she’s still a puppy. She likes to play with animals of all sizes, even if they don’t like to.

Despite the double coat of huskies, Naya loves to swim! The only way I’m able to properly dry her off is with my 4.2 horsepower force dryer. Playful, gentle, loyal, and loves attention. Her favourite hobbies include meeting new friends in high park and hanging out at her aunt’s office.