Happy Tails

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May 19, 2016

Hi! My name is Nibbler, and I was found in a box on the street before coming to live at the Toronto Humane Society. I’m a bit older (well, geriatric by rat standards) at 3 years old, so I spent several months at the shelter waiting to be adopted. It was much better than the box I was in (non-stop food and treats? Yes please!), but it could be a bit loud so I often slept in my igloo. One day this woman came in, and for some reason she kept calling my name and looking in my cage. She came several times, and I was confused as to why she kept looking at me when there were so many young lively rats ready for adoption. But she kept visiting, so I started to come out of my igloo to check her out.

One day as I was in the shelter’s playpen having my daily exercise and treats, she came and started playing with me. Then she decided to take me home! Boy was I happy. I arrived in my new home to lots of toys and things to chew on, ramps to climb and new smells to explore. She has been very patient with me as I learn about my new environment. I’ve been having trouble cleaning myself in my old age (and I’m a bit heavy so… it’s hard to reach everywhere. My joints aren’t what they used to be.) so she gives me sponge baths and combs my hair daily. It’s like a spa here! I get to explore the couch while she watches movies, and if I settle in she gives me lots of cuddles and scritches (that’s what we like to call it when humans scratch us behind the ears and down our backs. It’s awesome, trust me).

I want to send a big thank you to the lovely people at the Humane Society who nursed me back to health and got me ready for adoption. You guys are the best! I’m going to go enjoy my retirement now. Catch you on the flip side J

PS. My new friend wants me to tell you that rats are amazing pets and that age is only a number. Rats are like a combination of cats and dogs, but smaller and quiet. We like to eat, explore, learn, and as long as you give us lots of treats and attention we will do anything you want. We love giving kisses too. Maybe come check us out!