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June 11, 2014

Growing up I was always in love with animals, especially cats. At social gatherings, I was the one to be found hanging out on the floor with all the pets. Sadly my mom is very allergic and a hamster was the closest I came to having my own pet as a child. After I finished university and moved into my first “grown up apartment”, adopting a cat was at the top of my list. After stopping in to THS more often than I’d care to admit, one special little kitty finally grabbed right at my heart-strings. Nicolas (or Wyle as he was known then) stuck his little paw out the cage and I knew I couldn’t leave without him.

Since then, Nico has taken quite well to being the Prince of the house. He quickly makes friends with anyone who gives him any attention, and rolls over for belly rubs like a purring machine. He’s also a clever little guy who has picked up French quite quickly! He sits with you when you feel like being quiet, and will bounce all over the house when its time to play. I’m so thankful that we found each other, because he truly is the best pet I could ever ask for!