Happy Tails

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May 15, 2017

6 weeks ago we noticed a chihuahua mix with no pictures, posted on your page. We lost our chihuahua 6 months prior to some very severe health issues. So we headed down to meet Nina.

She was so terrified of us that we were afraid that it wouldn’t work out. With the help of your amazing adoption staff we sat around for an hour until the timid little lady approached us.

We brought her home the next day and can’t believe how amazing she is. We were told that she was a shelter pull from Dallas, prior to which she was in a hoarder home. Her fur was a little shabby and had some shelter anorexia. She also has a luxating patella.

Fast forward 6 weeks. She’s put on a pound and a half, her fur is fantastic, and she does not slow down. She loves running, hiking, climbing anything she can, and splashing in the river. But belly rubs and kisses are her favorite.

Thank you so much for bringing this little munchkin into our lives. Here are a few pics of her recent adventures. Oh, and we don’t think it was shelter anorexia, her majesty wanted to be spoon fed, she’s gotten over it.