Happy Tails

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January 26, 2017

I adopted Oliver a few years ago from the Toronto Humane Society. He had come from a hoarding house with about 30 other cats and he was no longer a kitten. When first visiting him at the humane society he had confined himself to the small box in the kennel. After meeting him for the first time I knew adopting him would be a difficult adjustment for him but I knew he was the one. Over time Oliver went from being a scared, jumpy, skinny cat to being a playful, energetic and snuggly as any cat could be. It took almost two years and you would never know he was the same cat. He would never let himself be picked up and now as soon as I sit down he is climbing on top of me.

Also, I would like to note for those who have another animal at home. Oliver has been amazing with my other cat, Oscar. I found Oscar on the side of a road, too young to eat solid food. I took him to the vet to make sure he wouldn’t get Oliver sick before bringing him home. The next day Oliver was grooming him and taking care of Oscar as if he was his own, which I was very surprised about given Oliver’s history. My point of this story is that no one should be afraid to adopt a grown cat with a history. Taking the chance with Oliver was the best decision I have made. No morning feels right unless Oliver has brought me his little stuffed ball to I can throw it around the house for him (what I should say is, no morning is complete without Oliver meowing and asking me to follow him because he has lost his ball under the couch and needs help retrieving it). I have never had an animal show me so much love and companionship as Oliver has shown me.

If you are scared or worried about bringing a cat home because of his or her past this message is for you. Be scared if you don’t want to put in the time, be worried if you think it will be easy, but if you are neither of those things and you are prepared to love and care for an animal who deserves another chance, then do it, give them the chance they can never ask for themselves. Take the time and put in the effort and I promise you it will be more rewarding than you could have imagined. The Toronto Humane Society gave my Oliver another chance at a beautiful life and I cannot be more thankfully for that.

Thank you,