Happy Tails

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August 30, 2019

(formerly Bronx)

I met Oliver on Boxing Day 2006. I had been looking at his picture for many days prior as I eagerly awaited the day I would become a cat owner. As I scrolled through the many pages of cats waiting for homes on your website, I remember passing his picture and immediately stopping. HE was the ONE. He was MY OLIVER. I have loved the name Oliver since I was a child watching Oliver and Company, a story about a lonely cat needing a family. I knew that when I was able to become a family to a cat, I would adopt one and name it Oliver.

Even with all the love and excitement I felt, we got off to a rough start. He was food aggressive and wouldn’t eat the (very expensive and super healthy) cat food I had purchased but was desperate to eat people food. I ended up seeking council from the THS veterinarians and they gave me great advice. Oliver was eating now and we seemed to find our rhyme together.

I will never forget bringing pizza home with a friend, leaving the living room to get plates and drinks, and returning to find a slice missing. Then of course, after realizing that the delivery man didn’t take one for the road, chasing a happy cat around the apartment with a huge slice of pizza in his mouth. We moved around a lot and lost a few favourite toys along the way. Oliver loved to go for walks on his red leash and learned to sit for treats. He was also my protector when dates would come over - he would always find a way to sit right in between us (and honestly, I always let him).

However, I heard somewhere that “beauty and harmony are governed by one eternal rule - all that begins must end” and this is true of Olivers and my story. Oliver passed away today surrounded by lots of love at the vet, he was about 15 years old. He was my first cat, I got him when I was 21 years old. I am now 34. We had a wonderful 13 years together. I loved him beyond measure and I will miss him terribly. Thank you for the work that you do bringing families together. They are family. And they leave the THS loved and cherished.