Happy Tails

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Panda and Zizou

Panda and Zizou

December 28, 2018

​Panda was 10 when she was surrendered to the THS. I’d fostered Panda briefly in early 2017 but several months later, she was still looking for a home. She was adopted briefly, but was returned after only a few weeks. Poor kitty. Too many months in a cage. I’m sure many of your staff remember Panda as she was quite anxious and had her own celebrity posters. In October 2017, she came to her forever home with me. It has taken a while but she has fully settled in and gradually allowed more petting and cuddles and has recently become a fully-certified lapcat. Panda is now 12 and the vet says she’s in good health. She has a great appetite and enjoys grooming her toys as if they were kittens.

Zizou, formerly Zuzu, is a lively young fellow who had been rescued by Animal Services ‘playing in traffic’ and handed over to THS in spring 2017. He was frightened in his cage but settled in to his forever home very quickly and enjoys his kitty condo. With a beautiful fluffy tail, he’s a handsome and affectionate lad, full of meows and squeaks, who loves chasing light reflections that usually lead him to climbing high cupboards and racing round the room without touching the floor. He’s had his allowance stopped a few times after swiping dishes to the floor and once he even broke his own food bowl. He looks just like the kitty on the Friskies cans.

Panda and Zizou tolerate each other fairly well – she still likes to keep her distance and a short hiss usually does the trick. We’re so happy to have these lovely kitties in our lives. Thank you, THS!