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Pebbles and Scamp

Pebbles and Scamp

December 21, 2020

Pebbles and Scamp continue to be the love and joy of our lives. We supposedly rescued them, but the truth is they have rescued us and fill our lives with fun and “business”.

They’re older dogs now, aged 12 and 10, but they act like puppies - skipping and trotting along on their daily walks - it is hard to keep up sometimes! It is also difficult to fathom that these beautiful doggies lived their previous lives inside.

Scamp is doing well socializing with people, but Pebbles prefers other dogs as long as they are a couple of feet away.

Scampers likes to mimic his Dad’s occasional snoring in the night. We call him our little hippo as he does a very good rendition of one!

Pebbles has figured out a good method of getting treats by pretending to be a bull getting ready to charge. She stands in the middle of the room, scratches the carpet so hard she lifts herself up, growls and then stands still as a statue looking at us as, waiting for her treats. And of course, it always does.

Closing in on 3 years since that delightful day we drove to Toronto to pick them up, every day we are thankful for your great work!