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Penelope and Harold

Penelope and Harold

April 05, 2016

We adopted Penelope (formerly Cloé) in October of 2015, after discussing the possibility of adopting a cat for a long time. We fell in love with Penelope immediately: she was affectionate as soon as we opened the cage to interact with her, and even tried to swat us playfully through the cage after we closed it. She was just what we wanted: a spunky black cat.

When we got her home, she settled in immediately. Within a couple hours, she was sitting at our sides and playing enthusiastically. She let us know very quickly that she’s a diva: she refused to drink water from a bowl (running water only, please!) and informed us loudly whenever it was dinner time.

A few months later, we decided it was time to find a companion for Penelope, since she was settled in so well. We found the perfect one in Harold (formerly Linfor). Like Penelope, he won us over immediately. In fact, he had only been in his cage for about 10 minutes when we decided to adopt him! Although it seemed he’d had a tough time in his previous home (he spooked very easily and seemed a little too thin), he proved to be the most loving cat we’d ever met. He spends most of his time cuddling next to us and purring loudly while he licks everything within reach (our faces, our hair, the wall, the printer…). Harold is in love with the world.

Unfortunately, Penelope wasn’t so sure about him: we had to watch them carefully over the first few days. Penelope did not appreciate a new cat in her home, despite Harold’s constant attempts to win her over.
Now, however, they get along great. They constantly play together, racing around the apartment and tackling one another. Penelope still runs the home, but Harold is happy to let her do so.

We couldn’t be happier with the two cats we took home, nor with how well they’ve settled into being members of our family! They’ve helped make our small apartment feel like a home.

-Rachel and Brandon