Happy Tails

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January 14, 2015

Hello friends!

Just wanted to let you know that Penguin is doing great. Within a few minutes of being here he left his bonding room, toured around the house and has been confidently strutting around ever since. He loves sleeping under the dining room table, on the chairs hidden away while we are gone but he also loves the couch and my laundry hamper hah. His appetite is good, he eats all his food in one sitting and has had healthy ‘messes’ in his litter box. He seems very relaxed here.

One thing I’m a little concerned about is his itchy skin but I believe that’s why we were given the omega supplements, so I’m hoping he has some relief soon! Oh and he seems to drink a ton of water but perhaps it’s because of his dry skin.

Anyways we are doing great here. He acts like he’s lived here all his life and seems very confident with us. Thanks so much for everything guys, you rock. It must feel great taking care of all these sweet animals and finding them forever homes.

All the best,

Kathleen, Braden and Penguin!!