Happy Tails

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January 19, 2017

Penny (still known as Pendleton, but only when she is being naughty lol) has been nothing but a joy in our household. She is the most intelligent creature I have ever seen. And the softest fur of any animal I have ever touched.

There is nothing more in the world she loves than her blue exercise ball that allows her to explore the house. After only three days she could beat any bumps on the floor and find her way back to my room and her cage! The amount of energy in her tiny body reminds me that of a very excited puppy.

She makes sure to pay rounds to every room of the household to make sure that no one is left out. She also loves carrots and apples, and does not mind being held when you have fresh produce in your hand. She also can hide anything in her bedding if she tries hard enough. Such an intelligent and fearless girl!

Thank you to Pet Valu (her former foster home)/ Toronto Humane Society for the advice and taking care of my new best friend. Here’s to more exploring and going forward!

Kind regards,