Happy Tails

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January 18, 2016

In July 2015, after a steady stream of visits to the Toronto Humane Society, we adopted Percy, a three-year old Lhasa Apso formerly known as Greg, who arrived as part of a partnership with animal shelters in California. We had previously fostered a lab-pit from a rescue mission in Georgia, but she was not the right dog for our family – including Stella, our eight-year old daughter and main dog lover, who was unable to walk the very energetic pup. However, with Percy, it was love at first sight! When he rolled over on his back for a belly rub upon our first meeting, Stella knew that he was the right dog for us.

Within days, he had become a fixture in our household, quickly winning our hearts completely. We took him on camping trips and cottage weekends, to dog parks and grooming sessions, with each new adventure revealing more of this little guy’s personality. For example, he prefers sunbathing to swimming, and carrots to dog treats (although he’s learned to appreciate the subtle flavours of liver snacks). He has also become a fearless defender of the home, barking at anyone who dares to knock on our front door (although a quick reprove from Stella usually stands him down). In short, he’s been developing his inner-dogness: something that he seemed to be missing at first (maybe he lived with cats?) but is quickly achieving.
However, everything hasn’t been completely effortless for this California transplant. In particular, a recent winter storm provided Percy with what may well be his first experience with snow, leading to a battle of wills between resistant dog and determined dog walker during outings to the boulevard for Percy’s daily constitutional; so far, I’m glad to state, the dog walkers have won!