Happy Tails

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November 28, 2016

Hi There,

Just want to give a little update on Ellis (who now goes by Pickles) as we’ve had this amazing guy for almost 6 months. At first he was quite shy and apprehensive, but now that he has become settled with his surroundings he is much more comfortable and plays with pretty much every dog who will play back. He came from a reserve in Manitoba, so he had some medical issues at the beginning, but nothing that couldn’t be treated.

Pickles has been the best addition to our little family and would suggest anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from a reserve to do so. I’ve met a few reserve dogs and they are the gentlest and most loving dogs.

His favourite activities include going on walks, going swimming, chasing after sticks, car rides, going to the dog park, going camping, going canoeing, going to the cottage and pretty much anything outdoors.

We love our little guy, here are some pictures of Pickles enjoying life!