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Pompom and Toto

Pompom and Toto

January 18, 2021

We adopted Pompom and Toto (formerly Bootsie and Vango) on December 27, 2020. When we expressed interest in Pompom and found she was bonded to Toto, we knew it was meant to be.

Toto is definitely the braver of the two. She adjusted very quickly to our family with three young children and is an indiscriminate cuddler. She will cuddle anyone and everyone.

Pompom is shyer and a discerning accepter of pets. She loves a good pet (even on the tummy) only when she’s feeling it. She also loves to eat and chat.

They are both gentle, affectionate, amateur wrestlers and sprinters. My daughter likes to ask, “how did we get the cutest cats?” I don’t know, but we’re very grateful. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for all you do!

Here is a photo of their “cuddle puddle”.