Happy Tails

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April 13, 2017

4 years (and a few months) post-adoption: Poppy is healthy, happy, and has her “Staff” well under control! She does better with frequent small meals, so Poppy announces “breakfast!” by pouncing on the bed at 6 a.m., comes to find me for lunch (11:30), has dinner at 6 (unless she’s hungry at 4, and then she lets me know in no uncertain terms), and has her bedtime snack at 11. She established the routine and keeps me to it.

Poppy is fed wet (canned) food. She gets a few “cookies” as a special treat. She loved salmon, but got an ugly, running sore on her chin whenever she ate any cat food containing fish, so fish has long been banished from her diet. (Her Staff has learned to read labels.) After much trial / error on my part, and a turned-up cat nose / hunger strikes on Poppy’s part, we finally found winners: a mix of Weruva chicken + Fancy Feast liver and chicken for breakfast & lunch, and Fancy Feast turkey for dinner and the bedtime snack. Poppy has been doing well on that diet for many months, with good appetite and no more face sores, and none of the constipation that she had when I first adopted her. Nor does she show the biting or other behavioural problems that made her “special needs.”

Between meals, Poppy purrs, plays, snoozes, and keeps a watchful eye on her people. Poppy won’t ever be a lap cat: She still won’t be picked up and held any longer than it takes her to get away ( = a few seconds). But ... Poppy comes when she’s called, bats her toys into whatever room I’m in, flops on the floor or climbs on the footstool and does her “cute cat wants a brushing & belly rub please” routine, and does a bed check to be sure I’m tucked in for the night before she goes off to sleep in the living-room. She spends her days in “her” chair on the enclosed balcony, but knows to come in when it gets dark outside.

All in all, Poppy is long past being a “special needs” cat — and well into just being special. Thank you to the families who gave her up, and to THS for looking after Poppy until her forever home was ready!