Happy Tails

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Professor Bun Bun

Professor Bun Bun

October 17, 2016

When my 10 year old Holland Lop lost her companion, I turned to the Toronto Humane Society in search of a new addition to my little fur family. I came across Professor Bun Bun on the website and was instantly drawn to him and his cute pudgy face.

Professor Bun Bun is the most outgoing and happy bunny I have ever met. I have had many bunnies in my lifetime but I have never come across such a big bunny that loves to binky and run and climb as much as Professor. My rabbit Cinnamon, although she was on her best behavior during the “meet and greet” had some adjustment issues once she realized Bun Bun was here to stay. She did NOT feel the same way I did about Professor Bun Bun at first, there were many nips and disagreements as to who was going to be the top bun. It was a challenge, I must say, to bring these two together. After about 3 months, and almost giving up and coming to terms that they would maybe just be forever neighbours, things started to look up for Professor and Cinnamon.

Today they are great friends, cuddling together and grooming and enjoying free range of the house- cage free. Professor has also inspired Cinnamon to be a little more outgoing when it comes to exploring the house. I’m looking forward to many happy years with Professor teaching us to be happy no matter what life throws at us.

Thank you,

Amanda King.