Happy Tails

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April 21, 2016

Hello Lynn, Morgan, Sarah, and the whole Cat Adoption Team & Volunteers:

About a month ago, “The Penguin” came home with me from the Toronto Humane Society. (His name is now Pyewacket-Pye for short.)

I was told the transition might be rocky and it was, but he found his courage (poor frightened thing) and it has had a happy ending.

When he first came to live with me, he was just out of dental surgery, and after he arrived, refused to eat or drink for five whole days. (I spoke to Sarah about this.) So I brought him back to the THS vet. They put him on IV and anti-anxiety drugs, and then he came home with me again three days later. Then he stayed in his safe room for three more days—ate just a little—and then suddenly marched out (tail up!), and started to explore. By the end of the week, he was well on his way to being “the Pye”—smart, VERY playful (loves those feather toys!), VERY affectionate, and an absolute sucker for being petted. He follows me from room to room and has memorized all my habits.

He has one eccentricity: he is afraid to go near my (almost) floor-to-ceiling window. But he did look through it for a few moments yesterday—running away when a school bus passed below us—and I’m sure he’ll get used to it. After all, the view of shoppers at the St. Lawrence Market should be hard to resist. And I want him to enjoy ALL of his big-soft-and-sunny new real estate!

I am sure that part of his lovely nature is due to the kindness he received from the THS… the vet care, monitoring, close observation, play and petting sessions. Everyone I spoke to was so knowledgeable and patient. I am sure that without you, Pye would not be the happy cat he is today.

So-thank you all so much!

Thank you for everything you do.


Eileen Whitfield