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March 12, 2020

I am so pleased to tell you that Robina is loving her new home and we are absolutely loving Robina. Her car ride home was calm and flawless. She entered into her new home, took a sniff around and jumped up onto my bed without any prompting and went to sleep.

She is eating well and loves to be snuggled in a light weight cozy sheet. After her first night where she slept at the bottom of my bed, she now snuggles in next to me while she sleeps. In the morning, she wakes up with her tail wagging and her paws on my chest and gives lots of kisses.

We have been on many walks around town, down to the pier and on a beautiful country walking trail. She has a new harness and walks well with it. She is as happy as we are. We keep saying this is the best dog we’ve ever had….and all my dogs have been great. She is GREAT!!! Thank you Toronto Humane Society for trusting me with Robina and the great job you do in vetting potential pet owners. Robina is awesome!