Happy Tails

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August 14, 2015

Hello Toronto Humane Society,

About three months ago we adopted Rosie (formally named Bibi) from PetSmart. There were many other adorable little fluffy kittens that we loved too, but when we finally got to meet them Rosie was the most affectionate.

Once we had gotten home with her she immediately was roaming around exploring her new home. Rosie follows me everywhere I go and at first she didn’t like to be held very much. She wouldn’t scratch or bite, but she would wiggle around. In the short time that we’ve had her we kept working on it and now she loves to cuddle and lets us hold her as long as we’re walking or bouncing her.

Rosie is also very much like a dog she loves to beg for our food and if you leave any cup out with liquid in it she will drink it. If you’re at the other end of the hall and you call her name excitedly she comes running to you!

And last but not least you cannot leave the toilet seat open because Rosie will jump on the seat and drink the water. All in all Rosie has settled amazingly and we love her to bits.