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Rowan and Rain

Rowan and Rain

February 15, 2017
Hello THS! I’d thought we’d give you guys an update on Rowan and Rain (yes we kept the names they were given there)

We adopted Rowan back in early September when we first moved to Toronto. My boyfriend and I knew we wanted a cat but little did we know we’d end up with Rowan. We were told she was under socialized and to take introductions slowly. When we brought her home the first thing she did was race around our apartment and accidentally meet our dog before we were ready (they were friends instantly). Flash forward 6 months and Rowan is a complete character. She always voices her opinion and always tries to make the TV people be quiet by smacking their mouths as they talk. Rowan is the craziest kitten I’ve ever met and honestly cannot imagine life withocut her.

We adopted Rain through the foster to adopt program. When we first brought her home she was pretty afraid of everything. She kept to herself and only came up to us if we were sleeping or she knew it was time to eat. She was practically bald on her stomach and had missing fur on both front paws (we later discovered this was because she was stressed easily and would over groom herself). She was terrified of being touched on her paws, her tail and back. Months went by and we have seen a large improvement in her. She’s the light of our lives. She hops on our counters and plays with her toys now. She especially enjoys meal times and her bedtime treats and makes sure we never forget!

I never considered myself to be a cat person until we adopted Rain and Rowan.

Thank you THS for allowing us to give these two the home they deserve. We cannot picture life without them!